Phone asking me to log into non-existent Google account

Please help! My phone won’t let me download apps or email because it wants me to sign into a Google account that doesn’t exist anymore.

I have a notification/warning on my phone - a triangle with an exclamation point inside - that says “Account Action Required.” It keeps asking me to sign into an Google account that I deleted awhile ago. (I just activated an old phone, so the account was active when I last used the phone.) I can’t type and hit the backspace, or click Next on this page.

When I go to Account Settings and try to delete the account through Google, I’m taken to a Google sign-in page. When I enter the old account name there, it says that the account does not exist.

How can I get this notification off my phone? It’s stopping me from accessing the Google Play store so I can’t download apps, or access email. I have a Moto E.

Any help appreciated.

Hi @mjb

Have you tried this…

Go to Settings/Accounts on the phone. Select Google and tap on the gmail account associated with the phone. Tap the menu (three vertical dots/top-right) and select Remove Account.

You need at least 1 google account linked to your android phone to be able to access the playstore (and other apps I would imagine). If you deleted your only google account, then you need to create a new one, even if it is a throw-away account that you use only for your phone, so that your phone can access the playstore and other things.

The phone is not going to stop telling you about your previous account unless you feed it another one. I am pretty sure you cannot delete it anyways until you have at least one more in there to replace it.

@jeffm.n2eewc this may have changed since I haven’t tried it for quite a while but it used to be that it was necessary to add a new Gmail account before deleting the old one because it was necessary to have one account.

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