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For quite a while I have had two lines on my account – one line is mine and the other corresponds to my mother. Several times we have run into a situation where she needs to “verify” her identity using a phone number that is registered in her name. Since the number is registered and billed under my name, this number won’t satisfy the financial institutions’ requirements.

Question: Does “assigning” a phone solve this issue or does it simply remove oversight from the “owner” account? In other words, will she be “registered” by name under the assigned number (caller ID, etc.) or do I need to get her number onto another account in her name entirely?

Hope y’all can clear this up for me!

Hi @aggieman12,

Merely assigning her phone to her won’t as you surmise make it be seen externally (outside of Republic) as hers. Having spent some time in the banking industry, I think the better approach for what you wish to accomplish would be to separate her line of service to a separate account. You may still use your credit or debit card for billing if you wish.

The above will require raising a help ticket. You may do so when signed into your Republic account here: Republic Help.

I figured as much but held out hope for the easy solution. Thank you!

You’re most welcome! Never hurts to ask.

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