Phone availability in december 2017

Two questions:
Why are only 3 phones ‘optimized for my area’. Is that because I’m in a Sprint area versus whatever other network you have now is?
Why are none of them available 12/4/2017 - how often is there new availability?

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This is mainly do to republic thinking that the CDMA Partner (Sprint) is a better fit for your area than the GSM partner (T-Mobile)
the reason there have not been new CDMA partner phones is that the CDMA partner changed the type of SIM used for there new phones (the iSIM) and Republic has not yet mastered activating this type of SIM so at the current time those phones are only activating on GSM
Republic is working on being able to activate the the phones using iSIM on CDMA (originally targeted at end of the year but that is not a firm date)
please see the chart in the thread below
if CDMA compatibility column has a No then the phone is GSM only
if it’s a Yes Republic can activated it or sell for CDMA currently ( all BYOD are GSM at first but if the phone is activated on CDMA a support ticket can convert it and a new SIM sent for it), it it says “Yes*” then it has CDMA radios but using the iSIM so not yet usable on Republic

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Why does Republic think that the CDMA partner is a better fit for my area? Can I ignore that advise and go with a GSM phone? Also, apparently, T-Mobile is available here, but Republic Wireless says the coverage isn’t available on the phone page (this is 33040). Am I wrong about the coverage?

If you want a phone with a SIM that works with T-Mobile phone run the coverage checker with zip 56557 immediately before placing your order. Before you do that you should check the T-Mobile coverage map for your ZIP and areas you frequent.

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Republic coverage checker checks lots of items (coverage maps as well as customer feed back among other factors)
one can ignore this coverage checker and order a non optimize phone (I would recommend one that has a CDMA so that if CDMA is better you can convert it once Republic fixes it’s issue with activating the iSIM for CDMA

also if you put your zip code up we can check the coverage maps and see how the GSM partner my work (though coverage maps are not perfect

This is only necessary if you want one of the 3 phones showing “optimized for your area” to arrive GSM configured. If on the other hand you order any of the other phones, no gymnastics are necessary as they can only be delivered GSM configured.

33040 is the ZIP code for Key West Fl. and from the GSM partners coverage map it looks like there is coverage there

if you do order a GSM based phone please report back and tell us how you actual coverage is

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Why 56557? I’m at 33040?

Bill is trying to give you a work around for forcing GSM coverage. As I said in my note below that, it’s not necessary unless you’re ordering one of the phones optimized for your area, which would come CDMA configured. If you’re ordering any of the other phones, don’t worry about it. Just order the phone as they can only come GSM configured.

Thanks, well I can’t order any of the 3 that are optimized as they are out of stock. I cracked the glass on my phone today, so I was looking at getting a new phone. Right now, I think I will try to hold out until the end of the year or maybe a few more months.

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Just check with support by opening a ticket and ask if they have any B-stock phones available to buy. We may have some available for cheaper that are what you want.


What is B-Stock? Old, unsold phones?

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Some people buy phones from us and them return them before the 14-day guarantee is over and we inspect the phones and put them back to use as replacement phones and for members who may need them.

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