Phone being sent for repair; what do I do?

Hoping to catch you here. Sending my wife’s Pixel 4xl in for repair today. I know they probably won’t send the same one back. What happens over the next few days if I…

  1. buy another from from swappa and get it delivered in the next 2-4 days to use until hers gets repaired?
  2. received a replacement from Google in 7-10 business days
  3. Google sends it back unrepaired (claim damage - I do have Square Trade on it) or upgrade us or we have to get some other model?

Hi @sflesch,

I appreciate you directed the question to @southpaw. That said, do you know if the SIM in your wife’s phone is GSM or CDMA? Did you remove the SIM before sending the phone to Google for repairs?

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I’m pretty sure we placed the SIM in there from RW.

My apologies for any lack of clarity. I’m asking if you left the SIM in the phone when sending to Google or if you removed the SIM? The answers to your questions would depend upon whether you still had the SIM in your possession or not? If you don’t have the SIM in your possession, would you be willing to share a zip code (nothing more)?

Oh sorry. Have not sent it out yet. Was going to remove it. Phone is at home. Gonna try to fly home and get it shipped today, though I suspect pickup has already happened.
That being said, I don’t know the difference between the two other than to say it’s a card RW sent us and I think I transferred it the last time we upgraded.

OK, that’s good. I do suggest removing the SIM before sending the phone off to Google. When you do so, please look at the SIM. Is the lettering for the “public” part of the word green? Or, is the lettering for the entire word Republic all gray or all black?

I can attempt answering your questions without that information but would be able to do so with fewer caveats with the information.

If I may ask, what is the reason for the repair? I ask because I recently had my Pixel 4 XL battery replaced due to swelling on Google’s dime at uBreakiFix. uBreakiFix is Google authorized for both warranty and extended service campaign repairs. I’m very satisfied with their work and the phone was out of my hands for a matter of hours.

Hi @sflesch,

I moved your question to its own topic. Even though it’s related to this transitional wait-and-see state we’re in, it’s pretty specific to your situation, so I don’t want us filling up the inboxes of everyone “following” the topic.

The beauty of Community is that no one here has to depend on me. If I’m not around, there’s a whole “Community” of friendly people able to help you.

To answer all three questions in very general terms, we’re still shipping SIM cards for people who need them, and, as of my writing, we can still activate on the My Choice plan. I’m glad @rolandh is working with you to help you determine if the SIM card you have can be moved to a different phone.

Roland is working through helping you figure out if your SIM card is GSM or CDMA. Even though it’s a “Republic Wireless” SIM card, it was designed for use on either our GSM partner’s network (T-Mobile) or our CDMA partner’s network (Sprint). Only the GSM SIM cards can be moved from one My Choice compatible phone to another My Choice compatible phone.

With your permission, I can look at your account and tell you in this public forum what kind of SIM card it is, assuming your wife’s phone is on your account. That would save you from squinting at the card and trying to figure out the color scheme.

Thanks. I was in a bit of a panic mode trying to figure out what to do. Still am a little.

To answer @rolandh it has the green on the public.

The reason for the repair may or may not be related to the battery issue, as it had been experiencing that for a few months and she was referred to ubreakifix. About once a month when it did the reboot, it would boot to a fast boot/recovery screen with an error about not being able to load the image (or something similar to that). This last time, it would not exit out of that mode no matter what we did.
We did take it to ubif and they tried hooking it up to their system, but were unable to do anything and referred us back to Google.

Trying not to have my wife be without her phone for the 7-10 days it is supposed to take for turn around, so trying to figure out our options.

If they determine it’s not covered of course we’ll need a replacement.

That’s good news as it means the SIM can be moved to another Republic compatible phone, if necessary.

This is precisely why I mentioned the potential for a local repair with uBreakiFix. I’m sorry to hear it’s not an option for you.

Will you be waiting for the determination? Or, are you contemplating purchase of another Republic compatible phone in the meantime?

Do you have any older My Choice phones you could put into service for a few days? If not, perhaps I could loan you something…


Seriously though I haven’t decided yet.

She’d probably be ok with waiting it out, but then I couldn’t bother her all day long with little questions like “Did I brush my teeth this morning?” “Was I supposed to pickup one of the boys on my way home?” or important information like “I put my underwear on backwards this morning.”

Somewhere in our hoarding piles, but I was thinking of grabbing a “cheap” Pixel 4XL from swappa for around $200, then we’d have a spare phone or a possible replacement.

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