Phone broken how do I replace as fast as possible



My phone is broken, is there anyway I can buy a phone from a store and set it up with republic? Or do I need to order one online


Hi @jonathanp.mbjbt0

Your problem is two-fold. If you order from RW, it will include a SIM card. If you go to a Brick and Mortar store and purchase a supported device, you will still need to order a SIM through RW or Amazon.

It would be helpful to know which phone you are currently using and what area you are in (zipcode, there might be a member close by with a SIM or loaner phone), do you or somebody you know have Amazon Prime?, the more detail you can provide, may result in additional options.


which phone broke?
if it was a 3.0 GSM (t-mobile) base phone you can pickup an approved phone from a Brick and Mortar store and just install the republic app and install your current SIM and it should work
if you current phone is CDMA (sprint) based @c1tobor advice is correct


Good point. I felt a sense of urgency and forgot GSM has been around for awhile on RW, although it still seems new to me.


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