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I am in Germany, have WiFi and want to call a Republic Wireless phone number in the US. When I dial I get the message Cell Configuration Required, an update is required for cell service to work properly etc. I thought that I can make phone calls from to the US without cell service. I tried to put the phone in airplane mode and enabled WiFi manually, but I got the same message.
Any suggestions? Thanks, Gabriele M.



If you are in Airplane mode with WiFi enabled does the Republic Wireless Arc show in the Status line?
You would need to have an active account with Republic and the phone should have the latest Republic App installed.
If you are not on a Republic Wireless phone, then dialing would be no different than any International call to the US

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What model phone do you have?



I have a Moto G Play and yes, I have an active account with Republic. My phone shows the arc and I have the version



Then assuming that the Arc is solid you should be able to place a call to any 10 Digit US or Canada number, unless of cours the router or ISP is blocking any of the required ports

Required Ports

Open Access - Required Ports & Protocol
Your Router (home, school or business) or ISP must not block outbound traffic (from your phone) destined to the following ports:

5090 UDP which is used for call set up
6000-29999 UDP which is used for voice/audio
8883 TCP MQTT which is used for Voicemail, Messaging SMS/MMS and keep-alive messages to RW servers.
NOTE: Most firewalls are stateful, meaning they allow two-way communication as long as it is initiated by a client (phone) that is inside the router’s network. This could be your home, school or office router/firewall
Republic phones will always send the initial voice/audio data packet to a destination port of 6000-29999 (regardless of who placed the call)
Note: A 3rd party site provides the ability to test that the outgoing port is open, by use of the following links. You would run these from the browser on your phone — UDP Call set up — MQTT for Voicemail, Messaging SMS/MMS and keep-alive messages to RW servers. — 6000-29999 UDP for voice/audio, full range may be used, single test port should suffice


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