Phone call issues



Anyone know why the person would not be able to hear us when we make a phone call on as Moto X?


Does this problem occur when placing calls over WiFi, or when placing calls via the cellular network?


Hi There,

Sorry for the delay in getting back with you but we went out of town for the weekend and didn’t have cell or internet. This is happening both when in wifi and the cellular network.


I can think of no reason, other than a faulty mic on the Moto X, that would cause the other party to not be able to hear your voice on both WiFi and cellular calls. If this problems is continuing to happen, please provide as much detail as possible about this issue. Is it an occasional issue, or all the time? Have you tried using the phone in Safe mode? Can you do a factory reset (which support will ask you to do, anyway, if nothing else works)?

The more details you can provide the more we will have to work with to find a solution.