Phone call log is blank on my wife's phone

What phone do you have?
Moto G6
What plan are you on?
My Choice + 1GB
Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?
Plan includes data

Issue Description

My wife had trouble calling a business and so I wanted to check to see what the problem really was by verifying the number dialed. The phone is a Moto G6 on the Choice plan with data. Her phone log is blank - no entries at all. Her ‘favorites’ list is also blank, though I believe but cannot be sure there were entries in the past. I called her from my phone and then also with her phone called my phone and there were still no entries that appeared in the call log. I also tried to flag some contacts in her list as favorites but they still did not show up in the favorites list. Rebooted the phone, log and favorites are still blank.

Hi @dh2a and welcome to the Member Community. Let’s check and make sure the phone app has call logs enabled.

Settings>Apps & notifications>find phone app…might have to tap “See all apps” and scroll to Phone

Phone>Permissions…make sure Calls logs has permission turned ON (toggle to right & green)

Here’s the permissions on our Moto G6s

Let us know if this makes any difference.


I had checked before, but had to wait a while to get at her phone and check again. The call logs permissions are enabled.

Hi @dh2a and sorry to take so long getting back to you. I’ve been searching for a solution and have not really come up with much. Let’s try another simple troubleshooting step – let’s put the Moto G6 in Safe Mode to make sure the issues are not caused by a third party app.

Here’s How to Enable Safe Mode on Alcatel A30, Motorola, Nexus, Google, and OnePlus 6T Phones – Republic Help

According to this article - Does Safe Mode Disable the Republic Wireless App? – Republic Help - Safe Mode does not disable the RW app on the Moto G6 so you can make test calls.

Here’s a Q&A article that describes some of the apps and the issues they can cause. What 3rd Party Apps Are Problematic with Republic Wireless? – Republic Help

If the issue stops in Safe Mode we can do a step-by-step elimination of 3rd party apps to determine which one is causing the issue.

Hopefully some other Members will see this thread and might have some other suggestions. That’s what is great about the Community!

Since my last post, I have done some clean-up on her phone by deleting old notifications, old mail files and attachments and other junk (no applications were removed, however). I rebooted the phone and now the call log entries are all there. So at this point, nothing more needs to be done except perhaps to make sure there are no entries in the call log that need to be preserved before I empty that log. Thanks.

Hi @dh2a thanks for reporting back. Glad all is working now. Sometimes a little housekeeping goes a long way in keeping a system working :grinning:

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