Phone call log receive record viewing


I need to find out how to look through a call list log that is longer than my phone carries? Also do you guys not have a call center?



There isn’t a phone number to call. This is part of Republic’s cost savings strategy and they pass this savings on to the customer. Republic’s technical and sales support is web based. The link below gives you options on how to get support with Republic which includes their ticket system, live chat and the Community which draws from the knowledge of other customer like you and I. How to Get Help from Republic Wireless – Republic Help

As for your question, you should be able to see your call and text record at this link on your My Account page. View Calls & Messages | Republic Wireless

Just so you are aware, the times are in UTC or Universal Coordinated time. You can find out the difference by doing a quick Google search for your time zone. I typically type in UTC to CST because I am in the Central time zone.


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