Phone calling over wi-fi when no cell tower is in range?


My memory from years ago is that when I was connect to wi-fi that phone calls would use that. So it would seem that if there was zero cell signal available but there was wi-fi, that I could still make and receive phone calls.

Is that still so?

(I tried to test this by shutting off cell service by going into airplane mode, but that also shuts off wi-fi.)


Hi @henrys.uhjuuo,

WiFi calling still works as you remember it. After engaging Airplane mode, it’s necessary to manually reenable WiFi.


As you re-test based on the info shared by @rolandh, remember that with no Cell you will not be able to take advantage of Republics “Bonded Calling” which has made great strides in call quality by using VoIP and combining it with Cell backup … so you need to consider the Quick Start section of WiFi 1st - Maximize your WiFi/Router - Community Guide


Thanks! That works - I tested it. But when I go to Settings when in "airplane mode, and then swipe down to get the explanation, it says, “Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and mobil network are turned off. You can’t make phone calls or connect to the Internet.” And it says that even when I’ve turned wi-fi back on.

Hmmm, maybe that’s an Android explanation which doesn’t apply to Republic? If so, an additional reason I’m so satisfied with Republic.

We (on our two phones) don’t make/receive a lot of calls - so we probably wouldn’t notice it if it was on cell service, but this is good to know.


I have found that sometimes you need to actually turn WiFi off then back on to get it to work … worth a shot

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