Phone calls are garbled

My phone calls are garbled. Please help.
In the ticket please ask the team to investigate this issue as part of master ticket 1487537.

Hi @danb.5099wp,

Welcome to our Member Community. You’ve posted a public post where our members can try to help you troubleshoot the issue you are having. This is not the same thing as a ticket with our staff.

The master ticket you referenced is closed. The issue that was causing “garbled” calls for the impacted members has been taken care of and it’s no longer possible for members to have “garbled” calls for that same reason.

Can you tell us more about your garbled calls? Does this happen on Wi-Fi or Cell or both? Does it happen in just one location or everywhere? What does “garbled” sound like? Do you hear the distorted sound, does your caller, or do you both? What phone are you using?


Moto G4 plus phone. I don’t hear the garbled speech from anyone. Incoming is clear. It happens on wifi, not sure about cell. Callets day my voice breaks up, or that they can’t hear me, or they hear only broken speech.

Thanks for the additional details.

Is this something that just began on a phone that had been working normally until recently?

If it happens on Wi-Fi that would suggest your Wi-Fi network may not be optimal to support calls. Do you by any chance have satellite Wi-Fi service?

Do you have the phone in a case or do you have a screen protector on the phone?

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