Phone calls dropping

Hi I’m testing the Samsung Galaxy 21 Ultra. Yesterday my phone calls started to drop. I keep getting a message that says an app is using my microphone and will not share and it ends the call. How to I fix this?

Hi @bettinaj,

I’m sorry I didn’t see your post sooner.

This sounds like an issue we experienced with two Motorola models previously. Do you use Google Assistant? Typically when we see this, it this happens in a very specific situation where you have used Google Assistant and then a call tries to handover from cell to WiFi.

You can try either of these to workaround the issue:
Disable the microphone permission for the Google app. This means you can’t “Hey Google” or voice search.
or disable cell-to-WiFi handover. This is done in the Republic app > Settings > Advanced settings > Handover to WiFi when appropriate - make sure that’s unchecked.

Thanks for your feedback that this is happening on your S21 Ultra.

No problem. I contacted Samsung. They told me to go to general management and reset network. Since then I’ve had no problems.

I’d be very interested to know, if you now use Google Assistant, then place a call that switches from cell to WiFi, if their fix sticks.

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