Phone can't connect to Home WiFi with WEP Security Active

I have a Moto G6 phone on the RW MyChoice +1 GB Data Plan.

My issue is that for my phone to connect to WiFi at home I have to disable WEP security on my Frontier (actually an old Verizon) router.
This is not a new problem for me. I had the same issue with my Moto E Gen 2 with a slightly different Verizon router on the Frontier network…

My phone asks for the WiFi Password and sits there “Obtaining IP Address” and never connects.

I have tried shutting the phone off and then powering up but same condition. All I have to do to connect is update the WiFi setting on the router to turn off WEP and Apply and then just turn off/on WiFi on the phone and the saved info connects to WiFi immediately.

So why is the phone not compatible as is with WEP security? Any help in getting the 2 to live in harmony would be a blessing.


1st … You would be hard pressed to find any of us that consider WEP provides any security.

  • What is the Make/Model/Ver of the router, usually found on a sticker on the back or bottom? With this hopefully one of us can help provide a better solution for you
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Additionally, this is going to be a strange question, but how long is your password (how many characters)?

the WPA/WiFi password is 14 characters. The problem has existed over two Verizon routers, both models Actiontec MI424WR.Rev1

As this is a ISP only router, no documentation is available, however from a Product sheet, I see the following statement … "The router ships with wireless encryption using WEP turned on by default and supports WPA and WPA2 encryptions.

  • Have you worked with your ISP, perhaps they can configure you for WPA2?
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I think this is the user guide for it (PDF download) : . You should be able to find instructions on how to login into the control pannel (to change to WPA/2) on there. Calling Verizon might be easier though.

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I have a different model ActionTec and only the settings below work. Tried changing these to get my Vizio TV to work and everything that worked with the TV broke the other WiFi devices. Ended up resetting everything back and ran an ethernet cable to the TV.


Thanks to @mb2x chasing down the probable document and the feedback provided by @haptown from actual experience (both above)
It looks like, if you check out page 23 of the reference doc it will walk you through the process, This is of course if your ISP hasn’t locked down the router
Let us know and join the shared knowledge exchange :slight_smile:

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I logged into the router and changed the security setting to WPA2 and applied it and it knocked my phone off of the Wi-Fi so then I did a forget network connected again entered the new 17 character password for the WPA2 and got reconnected to my local Wi-Fi.

Thanks for your help.


You are a brave sole to still be using WEP.

WEP is a joke. Easy to crack with basic computer skills.
Infact, there are even fully automated programs that are easy to find and run to get the WEP passcode. Also, WPS is easily exploited. (thats the thing where you press a button on the router and the device and they just auto pair)

I did a research project in college (2012) about WEP for my Network Security Class. Where i did a site survey of the dozens of wifi networks that I could pick up in my apartment unit alone. I made a detailed report of all the open (no security) wifi’s, and the WEP networks that I was easily able to get into, and also, if I did end up getting into their wifi, I went a step further and accessed their router login to see if the owner had changed the default Admin log-in info. Most had not. I also was able to use an extensive common password database file and defeat WPA protected networks as well. It was a real eye opening experience.

These days, and for some years now, router manufactures ship their products with full security enabled, WPA2 and random username/password set for the Administration page.

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