Phone can't connect to PC


My husband and I have the same phone - Moto G3. I am able to connect with a USB and transfer files/pics to my computer. His phone does not show up at all. Neither does my son’s, which is a Moto E4. Both show that they’re charging when plugged into the computer, but don’t show up in the notifications menu on the phone or in Windows on the computer.

I’ve searched online and have tried many things. I used a different cord, i swiped the notification bar on the phone, but there isn’t a connect option there, I cleared the cache, I unmounted the SD card, my husband tried putting it in developer mode… Please help!


For the e4, please try the instructions noted in this post


Amitl - I use the same cables to transfer pics from my phone, so I know the cable can handle file transfers. I’ve tried 3 different cables too. They all work on my phone and not my husband or son’s. And that screenshot you included of the notification isn’t on their phones either. Nothing shows up in the notifications and nothing shows up on the computer’s windows explorer. Any other ideas?


That is indeed very unique… when you connect your husband and/or your son’s phone on USB…does it show
up as an empty drive with the name of the phone…or nothing at all on the windows explorer?


If you haven’t tried it already…this would be worth trying. You can ignore the fact that it notes it is meant for Android 6.0 while your husband’s G3 is running Lollipop. Also, can you please confirm if your son’s phone is E4? or a different generation of the E series?


Another completely different approach is to use an app such as Google Photos for the pics
and Google Drive for other files…and then you can browse/download the pics and files from your PC
by logging in to for pics for the files