Phone change over

I am in the market for a new phone. I currently have the moto x 1st generation. If I want to upgrade to either a g4 or an X pure edition, will have I have to get a new sim card or will I be able to just remove and replace? I’m hoping one of those will go on sale soon so I don’t know if I’ll be buying from Republic. Does that make a difference?

You will have to get a new SIM card. The SIM in your Moto X (1st Gen) must stay with it even if you sell it or give it away.

At this time where you buy a phone might make a difference. All phones bought elsewhere will work on GSM with T-Mobile towers. The same phone purchased from RW might arrive configured for CDMA with Sprint depending on what the coverage checker tells you. If you run the coverage checker and a bunch of phones are not recommended then you can assume one of the recommended models will arrive configured for Sprint.

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