Phone cleaner to speed up a slowing phone

Hi! My Moto Z Play seems to be getting bogged down lately. Balky, slow to open apps, camera very slow. I use an app called Privazer for my PC which I love. It cleans my registry, organizes everything in my memory, and does a great job of getting rid of useless junk. Can anyone recommend a good phone cleaner that won’t brick my phone? Thanks!

My personal option is those type of apps are Snake-oil, all the ones I tried ended up taking up resources (slowing down the phone or draining battery) and /or added ads to the phones (popup, lock screen)

best advice I have is to use the setting tools to clear cache of the apps

(I also will perform a yearly factory reset which, at least in my mind, makes the phone more responsive)


Factory Reset does a very good job cleaning all the junk and leftovers.

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