Phone cleaners for moto G6 play

are there cleaners that work with my phone? MOTOG6 play
Yes includes Data.

What type of cleaner are you asking about, an app or to clean the outside of the phone?

To clean the outside a little saniwipe/baby wipe that doesn’t have hand cream added or a swab with a little alcohol works fine. Even hand sanitizer is good on a cloth, not a lot a little just to moisten the cloth. I use an eyeglass cleaner, it’s not harsh.

Many of the apps to clean the phone come with a ton of ads. So you would need to see which is the least intrusive and try a few out. If your phone is on Android 9 Pie, it has a free up space feature under storage.

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An App that cleans up…boosts…like Clean Master etc.
For anti virus detection/protection,VPNs

Android doesn’t need cleaner/booster. Those apps are purely vehicles for delivering ads. They should be avoided and you should not load one on your phone.


Thank you Louisdi. Appreciate your response.

Be well

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The only legit app that I found and trusted was CCleaner.
Last I had used it, it was not an ad bomb, however, with never versions of Android, 8.0 and later, such apps have less and less effectiveness/ability to actually do as the claim, to " clean and optimize" your phone.

@louisdi is very much correct. Todays phones and Android do NOT need such apps. The OS itslef is far better optimized and has its own “cleaning” ability built in.

Installing such Cleaning and especially “Booster” apps is just asking for trouble and most likely will result in worse performance and obtrusive adds appearing at random times.

It was also in the tech news lately that one company(Cheetah Mobile, the maker of Clean Master app you mention) was found to have hidden bad things in the apps. And other apps might have bad things like crypto currency miners and other malware in those such apps, that many people thought were good and legit apps.

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Thank muchly

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