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Is the Samsung Galaxy Edge Duos SM.G35FD(factory unlocked) compatible with RW.The seller says that It works with GSM and not CDMA.Because the Motorola Pure Edition I’m using gets troubles finding the GPS I need a better phone

Hi @mustaphab,

The phone you reference is not compatible with Republic’s service. Compatible phones are listed here: Republic Wireless Phones. Please pay close attention to model and where applicable build numbers.

Regarding the GPS difficulties with your Moto X Pure. My Moto X Pure has no such issues. As a starting point have you verified at Settings -> Location -> Mode; High accuracy is enabled? If so, might we have some more detail about your experience.

@rolandh is correct that is the European Dual SIM Model of the phone and Republic has only approved the North American Factory Unlock model (SM-9305U)

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