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Where do I find out how much memory my MotoG1 has? I’m getting ready to order a new phone and want to make sure I’m getting an improvement.

I’m also looking at switching carriers. Sometimes it’s just too frustrating trying to get problems resolved with Republic. I need a real live person to talk with!

the Moto G 1st Gen on 3rd Gen came in both an 8 GB and 16 GB storage versions

go in to setting and storage and if the total storage is greater than 8 GB it will be it will be the 16 GB model (the base OS does not count in the total, if I recall correctly it was about 4 GB so the 16
GB version should have about 12 total and the 8 GB should have a round 4 GB total)

the total RAM for both version was 1 GB

Thanks for your quick response!

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Hi @sandraw.dgoh57 and welcome to the Community!

Though all support with Republic starts online, it is possible to speak with an agent over the phone. Should you need to do so in the future, please make that request when opening a ticket. Though often, in my opinion, your fellow Republic members (Republic likes to call customers members) will provide equally capable answers here faster, to each their own. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you for this helpful information.

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