Phone dead. New Phone. SIm card functional. Can't view texts

Google PIxel is new phone. I pay for 3g per month. I can’t find my old texts.

The old phone screen has cratered and I can’t get it to stay turned on so migrating data appears to be out. How else can I access my texts? RW app lets me see WHEN calls/texts were made and received, but not how to access the content of those texts.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @davidm.pjbenj,

I’m sorry to say that generally text messages are stored only on one’s phone unless one proactively backed them up. Without access to the old phone, there’s no way to move them.

There is one possibility and that’s Republic Anywhere. Installing Anywhere on your new phone, then syncing to Republic’s servers will get you the last 30 days of text message content. I’m afraid short of expensive forensic recovery on your old phone, that’s as good as it gets.


This has done exactly what you say and fixes my problem. Thanks!


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