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Southpaw, I got that Email, I am checking with Motorola to make sure the Moto Mod that delivers wireless charging is going to go back on sale at some point (out of stock now). I would love to use the wireless charging pad in my truck for something other than storage. The Z3 Play has band 71 support, which is the only hope I see in covering the rural areas I travel in.
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Here are a couple of links that may be helpful in determining if a particular area has band 71 / 600GHz coverage. The maps are updated regularly, but like all TMO coverage maps, assume no coverage if it the band is listed as outdoors and you are not on the top of a hill.

T-Mobile Personal Coverage Map Just change the zip in the URL with your own and then bookmark it.

LTE band 71 rollout map by lart2150 This a grid generated from the TMO coverage map above to show areas with band 71 coverage.


This map is very…odd.
It show dots in very strange places, like in the middle of a open field, sometimes over a mile or more away from any thing, or in a large body of water.

I also can confirm that I have been very near to several of those dots that are in my zip code, and there have not had my phone be on band 71, but instead a different band. I don’t know of anyway to force the phone to use a certain band. (without root anyway)


The grid map is just an approximation of the coverage. The guy who generates the grid map runs a script against the TMO coverage map checking the coverage at points maybe every 5-10 miles apart. Pretty clever how he does it as i have been watching the coverage expand for the last few months.

Bands 12 and 71 are for coverage, and bands 2/4/66 are for capacity, so if the latter have a usable signal, then those are what you will use. Believe only iPhones and the premium Samsung models allow access access to the service menu with the option to select the band.


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