Phone Deals Any More Before Christmas


I just missed the recent phone deals that exired on December 1. Will there be any more deals for Christmas??


Hi @amyf.jlfg0c,

I do believe our marketing team is planning some additional promotional offers before the holiday shopping season ends.

The best way to be aware of marketing promotions is to be sure you are subscribed to receive marketing E-mails by submitting your E-mail address in the form at the bottom of our home page:


Thank You for the very quick reply. You people are always amazing. I am subscribed to the emails. My youngest daughter who recently got a job was suggesting that she would like to receive a phone as a gift for Christmas since she would now be able to pay her own phone bill. I just missed the promotion by one day. Thanks again for the very fast response, I’ve got my fingers crossed for another deal before Christmas.


Hi @amyf.jlfg0c,

There are some promotions now in our online store. Did you get the E-mail this evening?


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Phone deals and coverage concepts

Thanks Southpaw!
The savings on the Z3 Play I ordered last night helps out a LOT!
Thanks R.W.!


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