Phone Defaults to the Lock Screen

I have a Samsung S9. It’s a pain to use because it consistently defaults to the lock screen within seconds of my using it. I’ve gone to Settings>Display>Screen timeout and changed that number. Now it’s at 10 minutes. Makes no difference. I have to keep logging in.

Does anyone have the same problem, and more important, is there a solution?

Loggin in, too, is lousy. I’ve set up facial recognition. I’d say that works about half the time, at best. The other half I’m connecting dots. By contrast, my Samsung tablet, also set to facial recognition, logs me in 90+% of the time.

Are you by chance putting your finger on the finger print scanner when holding the phone? If the phone is flat down on a table, does it do the same thing?

I don’t think so. Or at least I’m not trying to cover the print scanner the way I would if I wanted to use a print to log in.

All I can imagine is there there’s incidental obscuring of all or part of the scanner from a finger as I grasp both sides of the phone. Seems unlikely this is what’s happening but I’ll try to pay attention to this.

Please do double-check that. An easy way to check is to put the phone flat on a table and unlock the screen using your pattern/PIN. Once unlocked simply don’t touch the phone, does it still lock too quickly?

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It’s definitely not because I’m covering the print scan. The phone just keeps navigating back to the lock screen when I using apps. Insufferably frustrating to have to keep logging in.

OK. Does it look like the screen is being touched although it is not. Meaning, are you actually seeing navigation actions or is the phone just popping back to being locked?

Just popping back.

I don’t have an S9, so excuse the possibly dumb question … but is there any chance you have a strange combination of ‘Smart Lock’ that is the root cause?

That leads me down the road of a 3rd party app. Can you take a look at How to Enable Safe Mode on Samsung Galaxy Series Phones – Republic Help and try Safe Mode and see if it still happens there?

As a note to @jben, I don’t think Smart Lock as anything to do with it as Smart Lock is really Smart Unlock and is a set of rules that keep the phone unlocked, it doesn’t lock the phone.

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