Phone died, won't open

Phone died, won’t open , tried different chargers, problem is that most of my applications require a pass code to be sent to that phone number. So I can’t change passwords for those accounts? Not sure what to do? I had phone calls forwarded to another phone prior to it dying,but messages don’t seem to be working?

Second question, it appears that I have been using a CDMA connection which I’m told usea T Mobile towers, but someone else if telling me that as a third party using their towers, I’m getting less service from T Mobile ???

Forwarding is calls only. Do you have a PC or Mac that you could install Republic Anywhere on? If so, that would allow your to get your text messages there. Here are the download links: Republic Wireless Downloads – Republic Help

CDMA means Sprint

While this is possible, it isn’t how it works with Repulic. Republic customers get the same service that the direct customers of these companies get.

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Is there a Republic platform that works off TMobile?

Yes, All phones available since July 2016 can be used with T-Mobile. It’s a matter of what SIM card is in them. You didn’t mention what model phone you have, if you tell us, we can tell you if the phone can be used with T-Mobile as the partner.

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It’s a Samsung J3 that I bought a couple of years ago. I’m going to try some of the black screen fixes. I’d like to stay with republic but need better coverage. Friends at the resort I hang out in up in Minnesota, get Verizon while my Sprint or Republic does get a signal

A J3 is GSM, not CDMA, and indeed on T-Mobile. Unfortunately, it can’t be switched to Republic’s Sprint coverage because it is a GSM only phone.

If you wanted to use it with another carrier that could provide different coverage from Republic’s they would have to be an AT&T related company as that’s the only other carrier it’ll work with (it won’t work with Sprint or Verizon).

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Thanks, so if I switched to T-Mobile I wouldn’t gain anything? Is there anything on the horizon that might give me Verizon like coverage?

The Samsung J3 is GSM only so only will work on T-Mobile or AT&T in the US,
Verizon and AT&T are more expensive options of carrier partners and I would not expect Republic to start a partnership with them,

You have T-Mobile coverage right now through Republic. There would be no advantage to going somewhere else for T-Mobile because depending where the best they can do is offer the same coverage and for some companies, worse.

The only alternative coverage that your phone is compatible with (and you can’t get it from Republic) would be something AT&T based.

Hi @vernw,

Looks like you’ve been with RW for some time now. Did your original and/or phone prior to the J3 have adequate coverage? If so it was likely CDMA and you could get one of the phones that’s compatible with the CDMA Sprint network.



No, neither my old or new had a connection in my ice house location or outside it. While others with other carriers had reception.I’ve heard of cell phone signal boosters, won

I wonder if boosters work?

I hate the idea of needing to pay twice as much for Verizon

Ho ho ho, my J3 turned back on this morning after a night in the truck at 50 degrees, but is only up to 3% charge after an hour. Thoughts? Need new battery?

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