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I have been a Republic member back almost to the company beginning. I have switched my girlfriend over to Republic…but I am totally disgusted by the phone selection and phone costs. You cannot bring you own phone unless it is a specific model # (ending with a 1 only) which is unique only to Republic. I can find many phones on line at a much lower cost than Republic charges, and NO shipping charge (Republic socks you with that also)…I am considering switching service because of this. There is NO reason Republic needs to over charge its members simply because you are stuck with their very specific phones

That’s incorrect. It is the US Factory Unlocked version sold by Amazon, Best Buy, B&H, Samsung directly and many others.

Your entire “disappointment” is based on misunderstanding what’s available. Outside of iPhones Republic supports the Android devices that make up the vast majority of Android phones sales in the US.


Hi @garyl.l1x3sz,

If these are carrier-branded phones then we cannot support them. But if they are they are the factory unlocked version, we can. It can be hard to confirm because not all online stores list the model number with that “1” you mentioned. Some list phones by their Manufacturer’s Part Number (MPN), instead. If you’ll share some examples of phones you’re looking at, we’ll be glad to help you determine whether or not they are supported.

Please also be aware that a lot of high-end Samsung phones that are available used are actually carrier-branded phones that have been flashed with software to make them appear to be factory unlocked. We are not able to support phones that have been modified this way, and you need to be very careful when buying because you’re not actually getting what the seller is advertising. Be sure you’re dealing with a reputable dealer before you buy.


If you are a member from nearly the beginning, do you remember when there was only one phone available on Republic? At the beginning Republic was the only carrier that offered seamless wifi calling because of their unique Voice Over Internet structure. They have maintained that structure which allows the free Extend Home service and blending of wifi and cellular signals for better voice quality.

You make it sound like RW is purposely cheating you. They are not. They have to make sure that phones are compatible with their method of doing things. Yes, I had to check carefully to be sure that it is compatible with RW.

FWIW, I just got a new Moto G Power from Best Buy and it activated and works perfectly. Yes, I had to check carefully to be sure that it is compatible with RW.


Thank you southpaw for the answer to my comment. I would prefer to stay with Republic if I can find a good phone (two) at a reasonable price. I have owned several Moto phones…and they have been ok…I was thinking of switching to Samsung. I hear the A51 is a very good phone. also A21a…Republic has the A51 for $399.00. when buying two makes it a bit pricey. I have found them both on ebay and Amazon prime cheaper. It is hard to know what believe when the say factory unlocked…any thoughts ?

If you’ll share the links here to the phones you are looking at, there are several people here in Community who are quite reliable at confirming whether a phone is compatible with our service.

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how do you share the links? I would more info on which phones to look at and which willl work with Republic

You said you found phones on Ebay and Amazon prime. When you’re viewing the listing on Ebay or the phone on Amazon, copy the url from your brower and paste it in a reply here.

You might also check Swappa at Republic Wireless BYOD - Swappa


This is the compatible A51 on Amazon:
(Be very careful not to click any of the other colors, models, or memory options in the listing or you may end up viewing one that’s not compatible.)

And this is the compatible A21:

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this is the particular link on amazon I was looking at

That’s an international version and is not one we can support.

this is the last phone I will ask you about…

Hi @garyl.l1x3sz,

It doesn’t have to be the last one, but I’m going to be logging off for the evening, soon.

I’m a bit confused by that link. For some reason it is described as “a 6.6” Moto G PALF005US" but when I click it, I see a listing for “Motorola Moto G Power Unlocked 64GB Phone Flash Gray Brand NEW XT2117-4” for $194.99.

But at the bottom of that listing it says "See More Details about “Motorola Moto G 6.6’’ Grey Smartphone -PALF0005US” and links to a listing for a Moto G that is “Motorola Moto G 6.6’’ Grey Smartphone -PALF0005US” - a Cricket branded phone for $174.99.
PALF0005US (the Cricket phone) is not supported.

XT2117-4, the $194.99 phone, assuming that phone is true to how it is represented, is the supported model.

I see this same phone priced at $229 on Amazon, Best Buy and B&H, all with free shipping. Keep in mind that you may not have the benefit of the Manufacturer’s 1-year warranty if you buy the one on Ebay.

I hear you Gary. Phone selection is a common complaint with RW!! They never listen to customers because they have less selection now than ever.
Also a suggestion not to buy a phone from Amazon that does work on RW because you can’t remove Amazon prompts to log on to their site. RW, Motorola or Amazon could not help me get Amazon apps off the phone nor stop annoying notifications from Amazon…

Actually, that’s the exact opposite of the truth. There are more compatible phones with Republic now, then there have been at any point in the company’s history. In the US the top selling Android phones are the Samsung S series, the Samsung Note series, The Samsung A series, the Samsung J series and then the Google Pixel series. When you account for those phones, ALL of which have models that are Republic compatible, you account for nearly 90% of the Android phones sold in the US. Only things missing are LG with about 9% market share and “Other” with another 3%.

Also not true. There are a few phones that Amazon sells that are “Amazon” versions of the phones. In these specific phones this may be true. If you simply avoid the Amazon versions then all the compatible phones with Republic, whether bought from Republic, Amazon or elsewhere are the same and don’t have “Amazon prompts”.

That would indicated that you purchased the Prime Exclusive version of the phone and indeed, in that case, the Amazon Apps are built-in. That’s why Amazon sells them for less.


Not something that Amazon let’s you know before buying.
Louis, you write that “ALL” Samsung A series phones are compatible with RW… So if I go buy an A71 it will work with RW? Thanks for the info! That is the one I wanted.

Hi @krash,

Let’s please be cognizant that some people visit our Community looking for information rather than looking for a fight. I wouldn’t want anyone to see your post and be misled into believing that A71 is compatible with our service. It’s not. And not because we haven’t listened. There are factors outside of our control that prevent us from adding that phone to our portfolio.

Since @louisdi understands what phones are compatible with our service better than pretty much anyone else in our Member Community, I’m certain he didn’t mean to suggest that every phone in those series is compatible, but that all of those series are represented in our portfolio. Perhaps he’ll update his post to make that more clear.


Southpaw, I have purchased this phone from Amazon. I tried to send link only but it kept giving an error message. This is a copy of actual phone info from Amazon. It is Moto G power 2021 and XT2117… It does not show the -4 on the end of # as in Republic phone add. I also need info on setting up phone. switching from a Moto G plus 4th gen purchased at Republic. phone is dead so I need expedite what ever I need for new setup…thank you

Product information

Size: 64GB | Style: Moto G Power - 2021

Package Dimensions 6.93 x 3.66 x 1.65 inches
Item Weight 12.3 ounces
Item model number XT2117
Customer Reviews [ 4.6 out of 5 stars ](javascript:void(0)) 7,708 ratings

4.6 out of 5 stars|
|Best Sellers Rank|#229 in Electronics (See Top 100 in Electronics)
#5 in Cell Phones|
|OS|Android 10.0|
|RAM|4 GB|
|Wireless communication technologies|Wi-Fi|
|Connectivity technologies|Wi-Fi, USB|
|Special Features|Bluetooth Enabled, Video Calling, Fast Charging Support, Expandable Memory, Dual Camera, Octa Core Processor, Fingerprint Sensor, Smartphone, Built-In GPS, Mobile Hotspot Capability, Water Resistant|
|Other display features|Wireless|
|Other camera features|Rear, Front|
|Audio Jack|3.5 mm|
|Form Factor|Bar|
|Battery Power Rating|5000|
|Included Components|Sim tool, 10W rapid charger, Phone - moto g power (2021), User guide|
|Date First Available|January 8, 2021|

Good Morning @garyl.l1x3sz,

Based on the information you’ve provided, the referenced 2021 Moto G Power is indeed Republic compatible. For convenience, it’s linked here:■■■■■■■■■■■■sr=8-3

I’m seeing the same error regarding the preview, however, the link itself does work when clicked.

I understand. And he did provide at length what is available. but if you notice in his reply he stated in all caps, “ALL” RW just needs to be transparent in that ALL doesn’t mean ALL sometimes and people rely on that info when they make purchases.

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