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We agree. We list each model and MPN on our store BYOP pages with warnings about other phones not being compatible, and we have a statement to the same effect at the top of the 3.0 phones section of our KCS article on the matter. Republic Wireless Phones – Republic Help


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I’ll send you a personal message to get some details about shipping the SIM card you’ll need.

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Thank you very much for that link …I will use that in the future


I’ve done just that.


I have had very good luck with unlocked phones from


Republic offers a good service for the price. If your not happy, there are other companies out there happy to take you business. Companies are in business to make money. Dont be looking for something for nothing. It is getting tiresome hearing people complain about republic not offering their product for free.

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I find it a very strange comment to say: “They never listen to customers…” How would this one individual writing that note know what all the rest of our experiences with Republic Wireless have been? My experience, with three family members on RW for years, has been very positive! He/she is certainly not describing our experiences over many years, and I seriously doubt that he/she has taken a poll of all the rest of RW’s customers.
In addition, as an Alexa user we purposely bought 2 of our 3 present phones from Amazon because that gave us dual compatibility with both RW AND with all our home automation devices running off ALEXA, which is a big advantage both when we are at home and away. These two services coordinate together perfectly!


If it’s a T-Mobile unlocked phone, there’s no reason Republic can’t support it beyond not wanting to test it and update their software to support it. It’s literally the same network. I also found this very frustrating when trying to find a phone.

Also, so long as an international phone has the correct bands, there’s no reason it won’t work. The only thing I can assume is that you guys want to guarantee that if people buy phones certified to work with RW, then they will work. I wish you’d make a list of “definitely” work phones, and try the rest at your own risk. Your software isn’t modified into the OS anymore so I can’t really see why you can’t support this besides not wanting to. Maybe there’s some technical reason I’m not aware of, but I’ve never seen anyone post what it actually is.

Republic’s calling system is unique enough to be protected by several patents. These differences mean that the fact that a phone has the right LTE bands, or works on the underlying network, isn’t relevant.

That’s just not correct. Republic’s patented calling system requires some very specific APIs be available and unaltered in the OS build. In many cases the carriers alter these to set-up their services such as MMS and Wifi Calling, without the need for the customer to do anything. These alterations make it impossible for Republic to access the system level functions they need for their calling/texting system to work. Additionally, unlike the agreements that Republic makes with the phone manufacturer’s regarding how things will work in future builds, those aren’t agreements they can get from other carriers who could at any time alter a build that worked day 1 to stop working. That wouldn’t be a great user experience. If you think this is an exaggeration take a look at the AT&T boards or the Verizon boards at the number of people complaining that their unlocked phone from another carrier isn’t getting wifi calling or something like that. And that’s using industry standard implementations!

Incorrect. See above.

See above.

Now you have.


Thanks, making that information more freely available, such as a link from the BYOP page, might alleviate some customer tension.


My experience with republic wireless has been since 2013.
That said. I’ve had as many as 9 phones at once with different family members in different places. We’ve had many many Moto series phones.
My personal favorite was Moto x1 although the Moto z3 was great too. I’ve personally had 4 Moto series phones and my wife 6 due to clumsiness. Don’t get me started on my kids. :face_with_monocle:
I’ve recently moved into the pixel phones and they are by far the best.
Everyone is always trying to explain why their phone is better.
Camera is the number one feature for buying a phone.
Not to me.
Reception is the number one reason.
The pixel phones have excellent antennas unlike most phones under $500++.
You can get a used pixel 4xl around $200-300 and I’m happy to say there great.

Also, consider the yearly plan for the best price available anywhere. Period.

Thanks republic wireless for being the best, cheapest, and unique wireless company around.

Good luck with your new Moto series phone.

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I didn’t know this was such a secret. Although my family and I have now been with RW for years, I did my own “research” - googling we call it now - before I first decided to move to RW. What louisdi has patiently explained to you is readily available information open and understandable to anyone. Really, both customers and RW staff are here and ready and willing to answer questions. When asking for information, hostility and anger are totally unnecessary in order to get attention and assistance. We are all friends here. Or ought to be.

I keep up with technical documentation as best as I have time and have been customer since beta. I don’t recall being presented with that information when going to RW 3.0. I remember this being very clear during RW 1.0 and 2.0 since they actually modified the phone software.

In addition, I just spent about 5-10 minutes googling this, and wasn’t able to find anything like what louisdi said. My point was that someone shouldn’t have to google this, it should be easily found when looking to BYOP.

Also, I’m sorry if you see hostility and anger. I was expressing frustration, and as far as I can tell I wasn’t hostile.

What specifically are you looking for? What if Republic told you that every explanatory word they add to such a page causes some percent of customers to flee out of confusion, or paralysis and go shop somewhere else, where it is simpler? That the vast vast majority of customers just want to know if their phone is compatible, they don’t really care why, just if.

What if on the other hand they tell you that they only hear from someone that wants the kind of explanation you’re asking about, once or twice a year?

I ask is because Republic does have that type of data regarding what offering options and information can cause to customers considering joining.

This is why every time I think that I know better about how Republic should run their own business, I remember that I have much less information about their business than they do.

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Yes, I get it.

What I would recommend to RW is that this page:

should be expanded to have the following text (or similar, new text in italics):
No, Republic Wireless cannot unlock phones and doesn’t support phones that have been locked/unlocked by another carrier. Republic’s patented calling system requires certain functionality to be unaltered in the Operating System. Carriers can alter this functionality in the Operating System, making the phones incompatible with Republic.

In addition, this FAQ should be linked from the BYOP page which lists the compatible models, if not already done.


All reasonable requests that seem to me to only impact those that have gone searching for such information and so shouldn’t impact the “average” buyer.


I found the correct model of phone on Amazon. That’s a good place to find the right model and if you have Prime you might even get free shipping! That’s how I got my Pixel 3a. :slight_smile:

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