Phone display page turns off in call


What phone do you have? Galaxy S8

What plan are you on?

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? Talk & Text
When in the phone mode the display disappears in a matter of seconds.
Example: I bring up the phone key pad, dial the number, party answers. If the answering party has a directory, i.e. dial 1 for English, dial 2 and so forth, by that time the display is blank, it will stay on if I swipe the screen continually. I have set display for “always on” does not help.
I have had the phone about a year and it has always been this way. Samsung has not been able to help, I do not think they understand what I am saying.

Issue Description


This is nearly always a proximity sensor issue. At the top of the phone, near the earpiece is the proximity sensor. When on a call it is used to turn off the screen when you have the phone near your face (to keep you from face dialing). It can be triggered by a badly placed screen protector, your fingers, the case, etc. You’ll want to start with looking at how you’re holding the phone and that you have your fingers far from the top of the phone. If that doesn’t work, you’ll want to take the case off. If still no dice, you’ll want to remove the screen protector. If all those fail you’ll want to call Samsung back and tell them you have “a proximity sensor issue that is preventing the screen from coming on during a call even when the sensor isn’t covered.”


Thank you for getting back to me.
I do have a Otterbox cover on the phone and always have, I use the phone on speaker most of the time. Should I still need to remove the Otterbox?


Yes, that would be one of the troubleshooting steps.


OK, will do.


I removed the Otterbox and found a small piece of tape on the area just above the ear piece opening, looks like it is covered by the Otterbox.


Did you remove the piece of tape, and with the otterbox off try and make a call to see if the screen stays on when not against your face?


I ended up calling support. The tech took control of my phone and reset the proximity sensor.
Reinstalled the Otterbox and seems to be working OK.
Can’t thank you enough, this was driving me crazy as I really like this phone.


Hi @wshrman,

To clarify, when you say you called support and the tech took control of your phone and reset the proximity sensor, was this Motorola Support?


No this is a Samsung S8.

The problem I was having, and still do, is the display dialing page goes away in seconds after the call is answered.

The dialing page stays on until the number answers, then disappears in seconds.


Sorry, I didn’t scroll up. What I wanted to clarify though, was that you did not mean Republic’s support team. We’ve seen a few members fall for an online scam by calling a number that is identified as “Republic Support” but isn’t.


SMART TUDOR from Samsung support,
Thanks for the heads up.


Now that Samsung has reset my proximity sensor could this be a setting that is in the Republic system?


What did their action solve? It sounds like the same problem persists. Does the phone behave the same way when the case is not on the phone?


Yes, with or without the case.


Then it would seem whatever the Samsung technician did, did not fix the problem, and they may need to investigate it as a hardware failure.


Nothing phone tech has tried has worked. I have e-mailed support to see if they can help.
I did notice on your reviews of the S8 two other users have the same problem, May 12, 2018 Texas and Jan. 17, 2018 Ohio.
How about a little help from Republic with this problem?


The on line support sent me to one of their repair stores. The guy at the counter went in the back and talked to someone, came out and said that this is the way the phone is suppose to work so there will be no screen burn in? Maybe, i notice the always on time and date display move about the screen.


Having owned an S8 since the day of release, I can tell you what you’re describing is not normal.

Here is what is normal:

  1. On a regular screen, without a call, like your home screen, the screen should stay on for as long as you have set in settings. This is true regardless of where your hand is, if you’re touching the screen, etc.

  2. When the phone is idle, and you have the always on display setting set, then a clock should be on your screen and the clock should migrate around the screen to prevent burn-in. If you don’t have AOD enabled, then the screen should be blank.

  3. When making a call, the screen should stay lit until the call connects. Once the call connects if anything (a piece of tape, a case, a screen protector, your finger, your face, etc) blocks the proximity sensor, then the screen should immediately turn off.

Any other behavior is wrong and something that Samsung should address for you if the phone is still under warranty.

Edited to add: The reviews you point out, don’t indicate any sort of actual issue with the devices. The one from Jan 17th simply says they haven’t found the setting for the screen. Since it comes from the factory with 15 seconds as the default, they are describing this as “quick”. That isn’t indicative of a problem. The one from May 12 also describes a completely normal behavior of the screen turning off during a call.


Thank you for the followup.

In most cases I have the phone on speaker and am not touching the phone during conversations.

I do have an Otterbox for the phone, either with or without it did not make any difference, the display would fade away.

I have one more month under warranty, sense phone support and their independent repair faculty are of no help where at Samsung should I go?