Phone displays "No Network Available" after most recent RW App update

Do you have your WiFi set to stay on while the phone is asleep? I can’t remember where that is but I know one of the phones I had with Republic had a selection to keep Wifi on while the phone was asleep. If you are able to find that setting and check, it may fix your issue if it because the WiFi disconnected and you see the “no service” warning. I hope this helps.

Hi @freddyp

This is the connectivity status that has started happening as a result of the most recent RW app update on my Moto X4:

  1. No network connection: You do not have access to cellular networks. Try to find a WiFi network.
  • No access to WiFi or cell; No messaging, calling or data
  • Red triangle w/ exclamation point

Hi @michaelq.pj26g6

That setting was unfortunately removed by Google a couple years ago.

My screen when the error occurs.

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That’s exactly what my screen looks like too. Thanks for posting the pic!

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For the record, I got RW app update yesterday (5/11/20) and saw the icon on my lock screen for the first time about 4:05 pm today (5/12/20). I have the Moto X4. It disappeared immediately on wake up. I got no message or notification other than than the icon. Everything seems to be working as usual otherwise. Ran the diagnostic test on the RW app and it shows all tests succeeded and none failed.

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I’m a bit confused here. No one in this topic has described any issue resulting from this indicator that vanishes as soon as the phone is awakened. In fact, several have mentioned that everything appears to be working correctly.

So the concern that “they” see this conversation and that engineers give it prompt attention is to resolve… what exactly?

Master ticket 1899940 has been created to investigate the appearance of a triangle “No service” status notification from the Republic app. If you are seeing this triangle and have opened a ticket, please ask that it be attached to that master ticket.


For me, everything does indeed appear to be working correctly, which is why I posed the question as to whether the same is true for others.

I’m entirely uncertain if there’s anything to correct other than, perhaps, the notification messaging. I do believe this is related to Doze Mode. Previously, on occasion, if a household Republic phone was in Doze Mode, I would see an open Republic arc with the notification stating the phone was on cell as Doze Mode shuts down the WiFi connection. Now, I’m seeing the exclamation point symbol with the notification stating “No Network Available” Despite that when I last caught a household Republic activated phone in this state, I called from another phone. I thought the call might be received on cell, however, it was received on WiFi.

I do understand why the notification of no network being available would be of concern. That said, for me, there seems to be no service issue to investigate. For that reason, I have not and do not intend to raise a ticket.


Thanks @southpaw,

I believe the general consensus after some time and testing, is that there is no service issue, just a cosmetic one - akin to driving around with your check engine light on in the car. Annoying, but you know that there’s nothing really wrong and the car should operate fine. I think we were all just taken by surprise when it suddenly started happening after the latest RW app update and didn’t know what the implications were, especially for any folks that may have had service issues in the past, like myself. I continue to have issues with not receiving all my text messages and support can’t seem to figure it out, so this new “No Network Connection” notification gave me pause.

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I’m seeing this same issue on my new Pixel 3a XL

Just started after the last update.

I’m experiencing late notifications on one app that appears to be because of it.

I’m not sure how the Republic App would have any impact on notifications for an app. The only thing this could impact is calling/texting. Any other apps are not impacted by the Republic App status.

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When waking the phone from sleep, I then immediately get notifications from the app, but time stamps indicate the notifications were hours old.

This has happened numerous times.

Hi @rokphish,

Which app or apps who are sending delayed notifications are involved? The delayed notifications might be related to Android’s Doze Mode, which I think is the reason for the change in the Republic app’s icon, however, the Republic app itself isn’t likely to be the culprit for delayed notifications received from other apps.


The eBay app … notifications of sales are significantly delayed while PayPal notifications of payments for sales are immediate.

This indicates that the eBay app is being impacted by Doze mode just as the Republic App is. They’re both impacted by the same issue.

I’m having the same problem with my Moto g5 plus. Republic wireless is aware and said engineers are working on a solution and will update. It’s appears to definitely be on republic’s side. My phone started to act up about a week or two ago. Definitely when phone goes to sleep mode. Once it awakes it’s back to normal. Sometimes I do need to switch from my 2.4 to 5g WiFi to reconnect but most of the time it reconnects itself. Just annoying!

@stephenb.bfpi2u and others,

Could you possibly make sure that when the phone goes into this state, it’s not consuming data?

I’m thinking of a test something like this:

  • Make sure the phone is connected to WiFi
  • Turn on some streaming content, like Pandora or Spotify.
  • Check your data consumption amount at that time.
  • If the phone then can even go into this state while an app is steaming content in the background, let it go just a little while and then check your data use again.
  • Is cellular data being consumed?

We’ve had a few people open tickets because they are seeing this message, and they are suggesting that their data is being consumed, but I haven’t yet seen any evidence this is the case, more just a fear that it might happen. I’d appreciate any help to validate whether or not the phone is consuming cellular data once this status notification is present.

I’m having the same issue with my Moto G7. I think it’s more than a notification issue and may actually mean it’s losing cell and wifi connectivity, because I don’t get notifications for Gmail or texts when this happens.

I have a Samsung galaxy S10 and my wife has a moto x4 and we are both getting a triangle a after our phones have been sitting for a bit. It says no network connection and to try and find a wifi network. We are both on wifi. This is showing up on my phone at home and at work. Seems to go away when we wake up our phones. Has anyone else been getting this.

Hi @kevins.k2y5wk and welcome to the Member Community. There is a pretty active thread on this here – Phone displays "No Network Available" after most recent RW App update

Read through this and see if it describes your issue. If not, come back with questions and we’ll see if other Members have any suggestions. Hope this background helps!

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