Phone does not ring

i have a motog6 phone, with a plan which includes data. When someone calls my phone voice mail answers without the phone ringing at all. Why is this happening ?

Hi @eldiener,

Is this a brand new phone that has never rung, or a phone that was previously working fine and just recently began failing to ring?

Does the phone behave the same no matter whether it’s on Wi-Fi or cell?

It is a brand new phone that has never wrung. I recall setting up the phone with a wireless at my apartment but I am testing it elsewhere so it is just on cell .

When a call comes in, do you see the screen light up, but you just don’t hear any audible notification, or is there absolutely no indication on the screen or audibly that the phone is ringing?


Try going into the phones settings, then sound.
Check to see if you have a Phone ringtone setup (it might be set to “none”)

That’s where I would start :wink:

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Do you mean the main cellphone screen ? There was no sound.

I tried it again and now everything is working.

Yaaaa! :grinning:

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