Phone encryption


hi, am increasingly interested in my phones’ security and am wondering about the ‘Encrypt phone’ option in my moto xpe’s settings security menu. can anyone relate their experiences? are there drawbacks to doing it or compelling reasons to go ahead and encrypt? thnx in advance for the discussion!


Hello @13iron

I had my Moto X 1st Gen Encrypted and my Moto Z2 Play is Encrypted (this was done by default when setting up with a PIN) (I just never set it up on my Moto X 2nd)
on older budget and mid-line phones I have seen the encryption slow down an already slow phone, did not see that on my 1st Gen Moto X and My Moto Z2 Play is having no issue with it

the main thing I notice on the phone that is encrypted is that one needs to enter the pin/password 2 time on power-up (once to allow power-up and again to unlock the screen) (this is true for the Moto Z2 Play as the finger print can not be used to power-up the phone and I need to unlock the screen once before finger print will work (I think this was set in the phone setup)


just thought of this… will the ‘Phone encrypt’ option eliminate the need to wipe my phone? or the worry of my moto xpe being cloned? ik these r extreme cases but… lol

and thnx drm186 for the reply


Encryption protects data from hackers. In older phones some of the drawbacks were performance, phone ran a little slower. But, many new phones today come already encrypted.

I would suggest backing up what you have on your phone now, if you want to encrypt it. Because, once it’s encrypted and should you not like it, you will have to do a factory reset to unencrypt the phone.

As mentioned, encryption will protect your saved data on your phone. For example if you phone is lost or stolen, the perp will have to know the password, which can be any length. Should MXP have this feature, after so many attempts to enter the password without success the phone will automatically factory reset. The perp will now have to deal with the “Kill Switch”, which require the perp to enter the security password before they can use the phone. The next hurtle the perp would have to get through is knowing the email password that was set up with Google.

You can read about some of the security measures as well as back up instructions and what’s involved with a factory reset. The security information is in RED:

So encryption does add a layer of protection.