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We worked with RW since November to try to get my wife’s phone to work on local cell phone towers. After trying everything we were told to do, nothing helped. In January we were issued a replacement phone and told to return the defective phone. The new phone works great. We were very happy until we got the following message:

Hi Debbie,

We’ve completed the review of your phone: 354124072439128. After taking a look, we found the following missing or damaged items on your phone:

  • Scratched Display
  • Software Issue

Based on the above listed findings, the total amount of missing or damaged items equals $80. This amount has been charged to the credit card we have on file: ************8374.

Your cancellation for the above listed phone is now complete.

If you have any further questions, please let us know by contacting Republic Help or you can also review our Return Policies.

Kindest regards,

Republic Wireless

  1. How are we responsible for a software issue? What was done or not done by us that needed to be done or not done? As far as I know we followed al the instructions that we were given.

  2. Scratches on the screen were six months of normal wear and tear. If the phone had not been defective we would not have had to return it; why are we responsible for normal wear and tear?

Hi @christophere.l5hwp7

The best way to get the answers to the questions you ask, is to open a support ticket. You can do that here:

Republic Help

Here in the Community, the interaction is between customers. None of us can address this for you. To do that, you need to communicate with a Republic employee. A support ticket is the way to get in touch with them.



Hi @christophere.l5hwp7,

I found your ticket concerning the replacement and have replied to you there. I believe this E-mail about the damages is in error and I await your permission in the ticket to launch an appeal on your behalf.

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