Phone for a loony brother

Hi Republic Family, My mom has known I’ve been with Republic for over a decade and how pleased I’ve been with it.
She wants to get my often undependable brother a phone, and will pay for it, yet she wants control of the charges and does not want him to have the ability to charge up her card with unauthorized charges/upgrades.
Can she get him a phone and be the Gatekeeper of the bill?
Thank you all. I’ve always been happy with Republic.

Hi @coleywhite,

What a good sibling you are :slight_smile:

What I would do is send your mom a “Refer a Friend” link (for $30 off her first month with Republic!) from the Republic app on your phone.

Have her create her own Republic account and help her pick out the plan and phone she want to give your bother.
When she gets the phone, she can set it up with the Republic app. Then, without giving your brother her Republic password she can hand over the phone. Only the account holder (your mom and her password) can upgrade and make changes to the Republic account.


When I had T-Mobile-To-Go, a company signed me up for a ringtone subscription that cost $9.95/month. They did this without me verifying. They had sent a text, and I deleted it. T-Mobile said I should have read the text and opted out. So apparently you can charge things to your phone, and the carrier will just pass that on to the customer.

I think this is a concern. If the brother can just charge stuff to the phone and have it show up on the bill, the mother won’t have any control over that. Does Republic allow charges to the phone?

No, like most prepaid providers, Republic does not.


Good. I’d been meaning to ask.

T-Mobile-To-Go was prepaid minutes. They went ahead and deducted an equivalent number of minutes to pay for the ringtone rip-off.

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