Phone # fowarding

given the difficulty in getting answers from Verizon; does anyone know of a way to foward calls to my old [ soon to be disconnected] verizon land line to my republic phone?

here what I found in a google search

To activate or deactivate call forwarding, lift your telephone’s receiver and listen for a dial tone, next press:

  • *72 or rotary dial to activate call forwarding, when you hear two short tones
    • At the tone, dial the telephone number where you want your calls forwarded to; when the call is answered, the feature has been activated
    • If the line is busy, you must call the number again; after the call is answered, you will hear two short tones telling you that call forwarding is activated, now hang up
  • *73 or for rotary dial to deactivate call forwarding. You will hear 2 short tones that indicate you have turned off call forwarding

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