Phone Glitches - Moto G4


When I go to use my phone it just goes through various pages magnifies it freaks out the only way to stop it is to hit the top button on the right side the phone is a Moto G 4th generation please advice I appreciate it


Hi @anns.6grzae

I am sorry your question has gone unanswered for quite a while.

If this phone behavior was triggered by a recently installed app, then you can try deleting the app.

Also, for an unstable phone, next thing to try would be to clear the android cache

Clearing the Cache

If that doesn’t fix it, you might have to consider a Factory Reset. This deletes all your personal data, so you will

want to make sure you have good backup of all your stuff such as - contacts, photos, videos, etc

Factory Reset

If neither of those solutions work, then you might be looking at hardware failure. See here for additional info.

Return and Replacement Policy