Phone goes haywire all the time!

My one year old G4Plus goes crazy all the time. I only have a few apps loaded, never click on anything unknown, don’t do much web surfing. It constantly takes me to random pages, often google. When I try to play Words with Friends, it will do this crazy zoom in and zoom out thing endlessly and I can’t stop it. I uninstalled a few apps, but no effect. I have to hard reboot it 20 times a day (because all the flashing makes it impossible to power off.) My son tried to do a reset but was unsuccessful.

So, I just gave up and ordered a new phone. Here is my question: if I am able to migrate stuff on my current phone to my new phone, will I be transferring the problem to the new phone?

If the problem with the G4+ was caused by an app you transfer to the new phone then yes, otherwise no.

See if the external reset at this link will take care of the problem:

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Hey @caryr.tjoapn -
It is possible that your phone may be suffering from the issue detailed here: Moto G4 Ghost Touch – Republic Help

If you tried the reset & it didn’t work, you may want to open a help ticket to see if your G4 is still in warranty. :slight_smile:


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