Phone Goes Off Mute When Changing from WiFi to Cellular

What phone do you have?
Motorola G7 Power
What plan are you on?
Basic No Data Plan
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Talk & Text

Issue Description

When my phone is on mute and using WiFi network for phone calls, it always unmutes itself when a handover to Cellular occurs. Why is this and is there a way to prevent it?

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I believe this is the first time I’ve heard of this issue. I wonder if it’s specific to your phone model or to a specific Android version? Sorry, I don’t have an answer for you. Perhaps someone else with the same phone model (or a different phone model) can test.

I’ve had this problem during calls now that I’m on WFH. I can’t say for certain it’s a cell to wifi or wifi to cell issue at I should technically be on wifi the whole time, but my internet provider is not the greatest.
I’ve been meaning to post here, but kept forgetting.

I’m with @cbwahlstrom on this one (going off mute when it hands over) … so

I have this issue as well.

What phone do you have?
Phone 1: Google Pixel 4XL Android 11 Jan & Feb Security update (RQ1A.210105.003 & RQ1A.210105.004)
Phone 2: Google Pixel 4A Android 11 January Security update (RQ1A.210105.003)
Phone 3: Google Pixel 4A Android 11 December Security update (RQ1A.210105.002)

What plan are you on?
1GB $20/mo

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?
1GB data

Republic Wireless App Version - October 23, 2020

Issue Description

I confirmed I am having the exact same issue on 2 different model pixel phones (3 phones total), except it happens both failing from WiFi to cell and from cell to WiFi.

I have noticed this occurring for months (multiple different Android Security Fixes) but always figured I was bumping the mute button or something.

It’s a little embarrassing when I am on a conference call with 20+ people and I think I am muted to have someone mention the background noise.

To answer @jben, I would say that the cause of the calls failing from WiFi to cell is kind of a moot point - that is precisely what the app is designed to do when the network becomes unstable. :slight_smile: However, in my case it usually occurs when I am on long conference calls and have to leave the house.

I was easily able to reproduce this issue by calling my second phone, muting the call and then disabling WiFi. Within a couple of seconds the phone is un-mutes itself.

I then muted it again, turned on WiFi and after about 2 minutes it went back to WiFi and again it un-muted. The more troubling thing was even though it said it was not muted, the Microphones stopped working all together. No matter how many times I tried to mute/un-mute I could not regain outbound voice until a new call was started (I got an inbound call while testing, answered and my Microphone was working for the new call).

Did this with both phones multiple times, same result every time.

Out of curiosity, I started a new call on Cellular, muted and then enabled WiFi. When it failed from cell to WiFi the phone again showed that it was un-muted, however the microphone did not work.

I did force stop the Republic Wireless app and clear its cache/data which did not help.

Actually knowing what is causing my phone to un-mute makes me a bit more comfortable with the situation since I have been obsessively watching my Mute status while driving and now I know when its most likely to happen.

I see the original post is over a month old so I will dig around to see if anyone else posted a fix…


–Updated, added new Phone and patch–

Hi @zipler ,

Google just release its February security patch (with bug fixes).
Try checking for that and see if your issue is fixed this time around. :thinking:

As you have done an excellent job of describing the problem you are experiencing and can recreate at will, I would suggest that you Open a Ticket and work with the support folks at Republic, and please mention this post as it now looks like 3 members are having the same problem.

Thanks for the suggestion. Just updated to the February update and was still able to reproduce it.

Also tested on a 3rd phone/separate line (Pixel 4a on the December update) and it is also affected.

I have a Pixel 2 XL and a Moto G6 laying around that I will throw my sim card into and test later.

Thanks for trying @zipler :slight_smile:
I concur with @jben and suggest opening a ticket.

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Yep. I am going to open a ticket… Just doing some more testing.

I just tested another phone and had slightly different results.

Phone 4: Google Pixel 2XL Android 11 October Update (RP1A.201005.004.A1) - Only unmutes when going from cell to WiFi & mic continues to work. (This phone is also running the Oct 22nd RW App)

So it seems the Andriod OS might play something into it.

Also just tested using the manual handover feature on the Pixel 4’s with the same result.

Testing the factory reset Moto G6 Play next.

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Phone 5: Moto G6 Play Android 9 PPPS29.118-68-5 - Works with no issues. (I had to update the republic app to activate, so it is also running the Oct 22nd version)

And just as I thought I was done I took the sim out of the G6 Play and put it back into the Pixel 4XL and its now working the same as Phone 4: Google Pixel 2XL… (Doesn’t un-mute going from WiFi to cell but does un-mute going from cell to WiFi.

Dialed ##4687## to activate, rebooted, and its still working like the Pixel 2.

Really strange that the behavior changed after moving the SIM card to 2 other phones… Its better, but unfortunately its not fully fixed.

Ticket just opened - I’ll keep you posted.

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Republic escalated the ticket to their engineering group and they were able to reproduce the issue.

They are working on a fix. No ETA at this time.

I wonder if this is an isolated issue or something that people just in general didn’t notice or report. (Who makes voice calls anymore, right??). :wink:

If anyone else is able to reproduce it, open a ticket and that’ll help get it resolved sooner.


Right. I can’t even remember the last time I had a conference call that required making an actual phone call. They’ve all been conducted through Zoom or MS Teams.

Hi @zipler,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

Actually, if they’ll open a ticket and ask that it be attached to master ticket 2056328, that would do more to help our engineers understand the level of impact.

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Yeah - only when I leave the house. Zoom and Teams both take quite a bit of data. I am guessing that is why a lot of people have not noticed it.

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