Phone got smashed, need a new one ASAP with same number

What phone do you have? moto z3 play

What plan are you on? 1 gb

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?
data talk and text

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Hi @turbopistola

I’m sorry about your phone :frowning:

Were you able to retrieve the SIM card from the phone?

Thanks, I will try now.

Yes I have the sim card taken out.

Please examine the SIM card. You should see the word “republic”. If the letters in “public” are green, that is a GSM SIM and can be moved to another compatible phone.

If the letters are all black, please let us know. That would indicate a CDMA SIM, those can’t be moved.

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Thank you Johnny, it is a GSM. So I should only transfer to one of the compatible phones on the list?

Yes, please be sure that you get the exact model number (and in some cases software channel) called for in the document at the following link:

Here is a link to a handy guide written by a fellow member:


Thank you Johnny. I plan on getting the exact same phone I had before:

Will I need any type of transfer kit or anything like that, or will I just be able to put my sim card in and be good to go?

That phone is not compatible with Republic Wireless. The compatible Moto Z3 play is model XT1929-4.


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