Phone got wet, Mobile Network not working, SIMS card not recognized

What phone do you have?
Model Moto G5 Plus, SKU XT1687, Android version 8.1.0
Version PVTB, Software Channel: retus

What plan are you on? $30 a month Annual payment, next payment April 30, 2021

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? Unlimited talk and text with 3G data

Issue Description

My phone fell in the water, I quickly grabbed it. I poured salt on it, because I had not rice to dry it out.
It seemed to work perfectly for the next 6+ hours.

Now, the phone says SIMS card not recognized and the following are not available:
Network, Signal strength, Mobile network type, Operator info, Service State, Roaming, Mobile network state, my phone number, IMEI, IMEI SV, and ICCIC .

I also DO NOT WANT to continue my annual payment past this April 2021. I will go month to month.
My credit card number has also changed.

Please help me.
Thank you.
Marilyn [Redacted]

Hi @marilynm.66gm7x,

Welcome to the Republic Member Community :slight_smile:
I’m sorry to hear your G5+ went for a swim tho :frowning:

I would not recommend salt to dry a wet phone. Salt+ the water can be very corrosive to the internals of the phone.

Please try turning off the phone, then pop out the SIM and give it a wipe and return it to the phone. Any change?

Another test you can run is the “Mobile network” hardware test. You can run the test from the app called “Device help”:

Okay, here is how you make sure that happens :slight_smile:

If you still get the SIM not recognized issue…maybe a replacement SIM from Republic would fix that. :thinking:

For now tho, let’s see how cleaning the SIM and the hardware test turn out.

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