Phone hacked, getting new SIM card and phone number

My Google 3a phone was hacked. I have two phone numbers that use my text message numbers, but no calls from the bogus number. Email seems ok so far, but who knows!

We just ordered a new Republic SIM card and plan to 1. scrub the phone, 2. install the new SIM and then 3. request a new number.

We are novices and are not sure whether we’re doing this right!

Instructions, step by step and SIMPLE would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

Hi @davidt.mgudzl,

I think what is happening is you’re seeing the underlying phone number. This issue is due to having the Chat feature ON in Google Messages.

Please try these instructions and let us know if things clear up :slight_smile:

Thx Super T. We went Google Message. The chat feature is already off.ugh.

We have ordered a new sim card. I think we’ll reset the phone, add new sim card and get a different phone number. Is that a sound plan

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I have removed you’re personal information because you and I are communicating via the online Community board and thus all members can see our chat. :wink:

I would recommend you open a ticket and work with Republic for your issue. It might not be necessary to order a new SIM. Also, a new number can be given via the account portal.

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Hi @davidt.mgudzl

Could you possibly describe in a little more detail what this means? What are you seeing happen?

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My wife’s phone had a new texting phone number appear. Her messages send with the bogus number, not her original number.
We are guessing she is hacked.
I blocked the hacked number on my phone. Now she can’t text me.

** Name and phone number removed for your privacy **

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I think this hasn’t been said clearly enough. There is no hacked phone number on your phone. It is unnecessary to get a new SIM. There fix offered by @SuperT above will address the issue. Again, you weren’t hacked, this is a Google glitch that is fixed by following the directions above.

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Thanks for the details, @davidt.mgudzl,

Republic Wireless phones actually have two numbers associated with them. This is by design and is nothing to worry about. If you’d like, I’ll be glad to move this conversation out of public view so I can privately confirm with you that the extra number you are seeing is the legitimate cellular routing number Republic Wireless uses for your wife’s phone.

The cellular routing number is not mean to be “yours” to use. It is a tool Republic uses in order to seamlessly deliver calls and text messages on both WiFi and cell. It can change without notice.

To be sure your wife’s phone only sends text messages from her real phone number, not this cellular routing number, let’s check some settings and make sure the phone is communicating with our service correctly.

  1. Make sure she’s using the Messages app by Google, and that the RCS Chat features on your wife’s phone are turned off.
  2. Make sure the Republic app is installed on her phone and is up to date.
  3. Make sure there are no battery-saving tools on her phone that might be disabling the Republic app when it seems to be not in use. The Republic app is always in use in the background, and some apps will kill it off if you haven’t opened it in a while.
  4. When all that has been checked out, open your wife’s Phone app as if she’s going to make a call, and use the numeric keypad to dial * # * # 8647 # * # *
    You’ll see that sequence clear from the dialer and you may get a notification that the activation is complete. Reboot the phone.
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