Phone history for phones you have bought at Republic

I would like to figure out when I got my last phone from Republic. It may be time for an update. I can see a bulge in the side of my phone, so I am trying to decide if I should just buy new or pay to see if someone can fix it.

Good Morning @live.carcass,

You may review invoices to determine when the phone was purchased when signed into your Republic account here: Orders & Payments | Republic Wireless.

Based on the description, it sounds like your phone’s battery is swelling. If that’s the case there’s a small chance the battery might catch fire, so it would be best to stop using and power down the phone. Do you have another Republic compatible phone you could activate as a stand in? If so, what is the brand, model and generation of that phone? Also, are you paying for Republic service monthly or annually?

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Moto X4 is my current phone, no other phone and I pay monthly. and thanks

Hi @live.carcass,

Sorry to hear there isn’t a backup phone available to you. I reiterate my suggestion you not continue using your Moto X4 in its present condition. My suggestion is that you consider a new phone rather than replacing the battery. The battery in a Moto X4 is not designed to be user replaceable and would best be done by a professional.

If you prefer repair, Republic doesn’t offer that service. You could contact Motorola regarding that. Or, if these folks are local:

Please let us know if you’d like further assistance on acquiring a Republic compatible phone to replace your Moto X4. Without a backup currently available to you, you may wish to source locally. Best Buy, if one is near you, sells multiple Republic compatible phones.

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