Phone in call won't show phone display


What phone do you have? Motoe
What plan are you on? 512
Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? All of the above

Issue Description

this is my second phone, same kind of phone, that has had this issue. When in a call, my phone's display will not come up. The screen is black and I can't press numbers or hang up phone calls. Very annoying! Helpl

One thing to watch out for… don’t cover the proximity sensor with your finger. The proximity sensor will make the screen go dark when you hold the phone to your ear (to save battery). If you cover the proximity sensor with your finger while holding the phone, it will think it is next to your ear and black out the screen.


Some phone senors are very sensitive and getting any part of your hand near it may darken the screen. My G3 and G4 both are and can be an issue when using SP mode. A flat surface of paper may darken them from more than an inch away and a roll of TP from 2".


@allisond.gh0iyy… I forgot to mention the obvious. Make sure the phone case, if you have one, is not covering the proximity sensor.

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