Phone is a paperweight


We bought my son his first phone - a Moto E 2nd generation. He used it a few months before it started acting up. It keeps complaining of the storage being full but we have deleted everything we can find, factory reset it multiple times and put in a memory card to try to move apps off the phone to free up space. It won’t even make a phone call or send a text - I am an iphone girl and have had androids before but this is beyond me. Any helpful thoughts?


The best place to start is the numbered troubleshooting steps in this document

Make and Receive a Phone Call

Hopefully that will get the call and text up and working again.

As for storage, when you made the changes, did you see any improvement with the available storage

or does the phone continue to say it is running out of space?


You may want to check out Moto E: Make the most of your phone’s available storage … this blog created and shared by a fellow Republic user has been viewed over 30,000 time … hopefully there will be things outlined by @carlh that you may have missed