Phone is not connecting to mobile network - only working when on WiFi

Moto e5play
Basic plan - no data

About a week ago (this issue may or may not have been preceded by a “drop” of the phone - I can’t get clear details on the situation), my son’s phone stopped connecting to the mobile network. He can’t make/receive phone calls or texts unless in an area where he can connect to WiFi.

We rebooted numerous times. Switched from airplane mode to regular mode (with reboots in between). We even tried removing and reinserting the SIM card (as per some other suggestions found in the forum). The only other suggestion I found through a google search was a factory reboot - which I would obviously prefer to avoid.

Any suggestions?

You may want to do the following, to see if the drop may have changed something, or if it was just a coincidence… Please test after each change, and stop if/when successful.

  1. Boot up in Safe Mode to eliminate 3rd party app cause
  2. Refresh the Republic Wireless Activation
  3. Reset Network Settings

I greatly appreciate your attempts. I followed your directions, but nothing has changed. If you have other suggestions, I welcome them, though I am also communicating with a HelpDesk person at this point too.

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Thanks for the feedback, sorry it didn’t bring you a fix … please keep us posted on the progress with Republic Help team