Phone issues!

I have 3 phones with Republic Wireless … The Moto G 4 Plus (brand New had to get a replacement already), the Moto X 1st gen and the Moto G 3rd gen. The last 2 are on the $10 plan and the new one is on the new 3.0 $20 plan. I have NEVER had any issues with calling or texting until I got this new phone. I transferred my number to the new Moto G 4 Plus and got another number for the Moto X. Now Every morning I have to forget my network on the Moto X just to make/receive calls and to make/receive texts. On the Moto G 4 plus i have to reset the network on the phone and then once that comes up put in my password and then promptly forget it and put it in again just to receive a call. BUT!!! someone could call my underlying number with no issues whatsoever on the Moto G 4 plus before i do any of this they just can’t call my regular number that everyone has. I don’t give out that underlying number… the only reason i know what it is, is because i keep getting calls for some guy who had that number! I have already put in a ticket but have not heard anything yet. I have also chatted live with someone about my Moto X and we fixed it (i thought) but it happened again the next day. It is NOT my router, because my son’s Moto G 3rd gen has no issues. Just these two phones. The Moto G 4 Plus won’t stay connected to wifi either but right now i want to get the phone issue resolved because my husband is getting a little ticked when he has to call my son’s phone just to tell me he can’t call me AGAIN!

i have already done the reset more than once it is not helping.

Any help would be appreciated.

Routers treat phones individually, by hardware address, not generically. So the fact that your son’s phone doesn’t have the same issues as the other two doesn’t rule out the router. Rebooting it should resolve any issues it may have with the other two phones but if the problem continues:

  1. Clear the Android OS cache. Clearing the Cache
  2. Run the phone in Safe Mode for awhile to eliminate the possibility of an app conflict. Safe Mode
    In Safe Mode the only apps you will have access to are the ones in the stock Moto ROM so if you can’t find something this is probably why.

I would recommend that you look at the numbered troubleshooting steps in this document

Make and Receive a Phone Call

Also, take a look at this to review your router settings

Maximizing your WiFi - getting the best from your Router/network

The fact that you are able to receive calls to your underlying number on the G4 plus indicates

that the SIM card is alive and working well…however the Republic Wireless App isn’t working properly.

You might want to check if that is up to date…or you could uninstall and re-install the Republic Wireless App

and see if that clears up the issues.

The issues on your Moto X1 are most likely router conflict issues. One simple way to check this would be

to check under Settings -> WiFi -> Advanced -> IP address…and see if your Router is trying to assign the

same IP address to your Moto X1 and your Moto G4 plus. A possible fix might be to upgrade the firmware

on your router.

Again, make sure that both your Republic Wireless Apps are up to date…you may also try to uninstall and reinstall them.

I have uninstalled the app numerous times with no results… I will check the router but I think my husband already did. It is just weird that all of a sudden the Moto X started messing up when I bought the new phone when it worked perfectly fine before.

What happens if you do a fresh start of the router with the G4 not turned on or with it’s Wi-Fi turned off. (Watch for any notifications on the G4 from the Republic app that it is starting up Wi-Fi.)

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