Phone keeps re-starting?


MotoE4, talk&text plan no data , but have data now.

My phone has been constantly shutting down and restarting for the last 4 or 5 days now. Tried all sorts of things but it’s still doing it

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Hi @joanneb.7g0p0n,

Without knowing what all sorts of things are; the general prescription would be.

  1. Clearing the cache
  2. Safe mode
  3. Factory reset

Stop after each numbered step. If the problem goes away after step 1, you’re done. If the problem persists after step 1 but goes away in safe mode, a third party app installed on your phone is the issue. You will need to identify and remove that app. The last resort is step 3.



Ya, already did cache , and went thru apps deleted the last 2 apps i uploaded, still same restarting so much the battery is dead twice in a day with no use so shutting it down at night. Really don’t want to factory reset. Where do I find safe mode ? I know where it is on my computer ,didn’t phones had safe mode , as you can tell not much of a phone person. It.s very hard to manually turn the phone on, after it shuts down by itself , when it restarts by itself it takes it awhile to bring up the hello Moto and it re-mounts the SD card ?



Hi @joanneb.7g0p0n
You can find out how to go to safe mode by clicking on the words safe mode in our posts. :wink:

SD card you say… humm… how about when the phone is off, taking out the SD card and try restarting the phone. Does it start normally and stop the reboot?
Just another idea, hope it (or safe mode) helps.



Already tried removing SD but it does nothing to cure it. couldn’t be SIM could it ? It’s very hard to work from the phone I’m on my desktop now.It takes a long time for it to respond to swiping open and with just the few things I already tried it shut down while I was doing that ? But will try safe mode Thanks



I doubt it would be the SIM (I mean you could remove it…) If safe mode does nothing then I’m afraid the factory reset is the last thing to do.
If safe mode DOES stop the reboot… it’s an app causing all this.
Good luck :slightly_smiling_face:



Hi @joanneb.7g0p0n,

Were you able to get your phone back under control without all the rebooting?



Yes, as it turned out my memory card was corrupt so I just removed it all together until New one arrives, thank you



I’m very glad to hear you were able to figure it out! A memory card is much easier to replace than a phone!



Yes indeed

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