Phone keeps restarting after update


I have a moto x pure with data plan. I updated the phone today and it continuously restarts. I’ve caught it in time to key in the passcode to open the phone, but it simply restarts. It doesn’t completely shut down. It shows the new moto start screen. I allowed it to run the battery down, plugged it in, turned on the power, and it went back to continuously restarting.


Consider doing an external factory reset.,6720,9541

This was the only solution I found with a google search.


Hi @thomasw.6g3k7b,

A factory reset from recovery may well be necessary. however, clearing the Android system cache (also from recovery) is worth a shot as unlike a factory reset it’s non-destructive. Here’s how: How to Clear the System Cache on Motorola and Nexus Phones – Republic Help.


Clearing the cache didn’t work. Guess I’ll have to do a factory reset. Thanks though.


That stinks and I’m sorry to hear it. At times, however, it’s the only alternative.

As I suspect you know when doing a factory reset from recovery, there will be no opportunity to back up user content stored on the phone. Any user content not previously backed up or synced to someone’s cloud will be lost. For most folks, the most important content is contacts and photos. If those were syncing to Google, you’ll see them from a computer at and respectively.

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