Phone Locking up!

We have the Moto G (3rd Gen) and it is starting to lock up more and more. Currently the phone is totally locked up. Can’t even hold down the power button. Is it possible to do an exchange on this phone? Can we upgrade? Not sure what to do. Thanks!

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There is some good troubleshooting information at the link below. It is possible these lockups are caused by some app you installed that is running amok.

Service and Repair - Moto G 3rd Generation

Can you get the phone into Safe Mode to see if it is stable with only the native apps running?

Safe Mode

Yes, you can upgrade this phone. If you order one of the new phones the number will move to it from your Moto G (2rd Gen) if you take that option during the activation process. In conjunction with upgrading your phone you will have to chose from one of the Plans you see when you click on Plans at the top of this page.

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