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Tried submitting a help ticket and the ■■■■ submit button don’t work even through repeated filling out form again! So I recently lost my Moto X 2nd gen on a plane flight. Waited nearly a month and lost all hope of getting it back from airline so I cancelled my phone service for my protection. Now after nearly a month I have my phone back. Can I still have the same grandfather plan activated again for my legacy phone? Would also like to change the number.

I’m unsure as to which plan you are referring when you mention “grandfathered”. When you reactivate a Moto X 2nd gen phone, it will be placed on the Republic Refund plan:

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Hi @solomony

If by changing the number you mean restoring the old number on your phone before canceling, it may be possible. You would, however, need to reach out to staff via a help ticket to determine that. If otherwise unable to do so, a help ticket may also be raised by directing email to

I understand this doesn’t help now, however, for others reading, cancelling one’s Republic service when a phone is lost doesn’t do a lot in terms of protection and doing so releases one’s number. As a prepaid service, there’s nothing anyone who finds your phone might do with it that would cost more than you’ve already paid for. Additionally, cancelling service to a phone does nothing to protect the content on it. So long as one has set up a screen lock, that’s reasonably well protected. If one wants to go one step further, it’s sometimes possible to erase content from a lost phone as described by Google here: Find, lock, or erase a lost Android device.

Of course, if one simply wants to stop paying for service on a lost phone they don’t intend to replace and are OK with giving up the number cancellation is required.

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Hi @solomony,

I’m sorry to read that you’re having some trouble with the help ticket form. Once the larger issue is resolved, I’d like to explore that with you further, to see if we can figure out why the submit button won’t work.

I’m opening a ticket on your behalf, and will work with you get things back as they were.

To begin, though, you’ll need to go ahead and activate the phone on the same account as before. To do that, open the Republic app on the phone and walk through the activation steps, using the same e-mail address and password you used on your Republic Wireless account when the phone was active.


Thanks all for responding. Much appreciated. Most importantly I want to thank Southpaw for walking helping me with ticket and walking me thru process of activation and getting me back on my original plan as well as getting my old number back…woohoo! These guys here at RW are totally awesome working tirelessly and late into the night to help us out. I hope your superiors give you a promotion!

My phone was lost but is now found! I’ve set Google to wipe my phone in worst case scenario but got it back so that I was able to save the memories (photos/videos) before it got erased forever. Phones can be replace but the memories are priceless. Just remember to disconnect internet so auto erase from google won’t kick in until you’re ready and have uploaded everything safely. And remember to BACKUP! Lesson learned.


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