Phone moto x broken

my moto x is broken how do i get contacs and photos to new moto x 4

I’m sorry to hear that! If by broken you mean inoperable, you’ll have to hope contacts and photos were being synced to the Google account on your old phone. Using that same Google account on your new phone will cause both to populate on your new X4.

no did not work

I’m also sorry to hear that. The reality is if the old phone is inoperable and your contacts and photos weren’t syncing to your Google account, (short of expensive forensic recovery) they’re lost. You might double-check using a computer’s web browser at the following links:

Do you see either at those locations?


Hi @dang.r0q2dc,

Hopefully, if you sign into the Google account on a computer, using the same Gmail address you had used on the old phone as @rolandh advised, you’ll find your content.

If not, depending on which Moto X you had previously, is there any chance you had inserted an SD card? If so, the photos might be on that and available to be moved to a new phone or copied to a computer by physically moving the SD card.

Otherwise, could you tell us just how broken your old phone is? Will it turn on at all?


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