Phone no longer connects to OnStar WiFI

Since I allowed Anywhere to install on my phone, it suddenly does not connect with my vehicle Wifi with Onstar.

Hi @rosemaryw

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Can you please provide some details about this?

Do you see the WiFi network displayed on the phone?

Are you able to select that network and enter the password?

Does the phone then not login but instead cycles between “Saved” and “Authorizing”?

Please let us know which one of those steps is not working.


Hello Johnny5

To answer questions in order:

I see my Wifi network displayed on the phone.
It’s connected so I don’t need to enter the password.
The phone logs into my home wifi but not in my Chevy Onstar login.
The Chevy Onstar is the one that will not log in for the past two weeks since I signed on for “anywhere” software.

I hope this answers your questions.

Hi @rosemaryw

I don’t think Anywhere would be the cause of your issue, but you could uninstall it as a test and use Google Messages. :thinking:

The other thing I would try is to “forget” your WiFi connection for the car on your phone and then try to reconnect to it.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Do you see your OnStar wifi listed when looking at your phone connections. You mentioned you home wifi was listed, but didn’t mention the OnStar one. I assume that your OnStar data plan is still active.

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Thank you thank you for the great suggestions. I will check them out tomorrow. Rosemary

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Okay, I got it working. If it stops, I’ll uninstall Anywhere as a test and see if that helps. Thank you again. Rosemary

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